Enroll & Make Changes

When You Can Enroll

You can enroll as a new hire or if you have a qualified life event (e.g., you get married or divorced, start or end a domestic partnership, add a new child to your family). Coverage is available for you and your eligible dependents. For these events, you have 31 days from your date of hire or date of the event to make changes to your existing coverage. Once you enroll, coverage changes are allowed only during the UC annual Open Enrollment period each fall.

Cost of Coverage


Coverage For Monthly Accident Insurance Premium
You only $9.67
You and your spouse $15.86
You and dependent children $19.85
Your family $26.04

Critical Illness

Rates are based on level of coverage and age. Coverage for eligible dependent children is free when you cover yourself. Just add your dependent children after you enroll yourself.

The monthly premiums shown below are for each covered adult. Spouses must be enrolled separately. You and your spouse must enroll in the same coverage option (either both in the $10,000 option or both in the $30,000 option). Because rates are based on age, you and your spouse (if enrolled) may have different monthly premiums.

Monthly Premium by Age

Age $10,000 Coverage Option $30,000 Coverage Option
18–25 $4.87 $9.46
26–30 $5.84 $12.35
31–35 $6.51 $14.37
36–40 $8.01 $18.86
41–45 $9.66 $23.81
46–50 $10.19 $25.41
51–55 $16.86 $45.43
56–60 $15.91 $42.57
61–65 $26.17 $73.34
66+ $54.36 $157.93

Hospital Indemnity

Coverage ForMonthly Hospital Indemnity Premium
You only$16.19
You and your spouse$32.52
You and dependent children$26.17
Your family$42.50

Calculate the Cost

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to supplemental health insurance. You can customize your coverage by enrolling in the plans (if any) that are right for you. Use the calculator below to estimate your combined monthly cost for medical and supplemental health insurance.

How You Pay for Coverage

You pay the full cost of premiums through convenient after-tax payroll deductions. Total costs vary depending on who you cover. Because premiums are paid with after-tax dollars, you don’t pay taxes on benefit payments you receive from the plan.

How to Enroll or Cancel Your Coverage

To enroll as a new hire, make changes to your coverage because of a qualified life event, or to cancel your coverage at any time, call the UC Plus Customer Service Team toll-free at (888) 212-7201 Monday through Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific, excluding holidays. If you cancel coverage, your coverage will end on the last day of the month that you disenroll.

Add or Change Your Beneficiary

To add or change a beneficiary for your supplemental health plans, complete the Beneficiary Change Request Form and fax or mail to Aflac. Or call the UC Plus Customer Service Team toll-free at (888) 212-7201.